Welcome to Rolling Razor

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Rolling Razor, Inc. was established at the turn of the 21st century, nearly 100 years after King Gillette revolutionized shaving the first time by introducing a shaving tool with disposable blades. While King Gillette’s vision has obviously made a significant impact on the world, as we know it, there is always room for improvement!

Had it not been for a chance meeting and keen insight of two Los Angeles based entrepreneurs, another 100 years may have passed before the shaving industry was revolutionized for the second time. However, in early 2000, the 2 founders of Rolling Razor, Inc. did cross paths and their mutual appreciation for business, fine art and advanced engineering led them to a discussion about shaving that has given us the Rolling Razor and shaving’s next revolutionary step.

Their initial discussion about the de-evolution of traditional razors and their personal frustration with the overall shaving experience immediately sent the founders to the drawing board. Within months they not only had the concept for shaving instrument that puts the index finger inside the razor and wraps the middle and thumb fingers around the handle, but they also had built the very first Rolling Razor prototype and the rest is history. For the next 8 years the founders would conduct hundreds of focus groups, engineer countless prototype improvements and leave the rest of their lives behind.

The founders realized early on from their research that customer service would need to be the cornerstone of Rolling Razor’s success. They found that consumer disappointment could be remedied easily with exceptional customer service; however, when dealing with major retail chains, customer service could not be monitored as closely. This is the singular reason why Rolling Razor products can only be purchased from our store.

Rolling Razor wants to be sure that all customers have the best possible experience from shipping to shaving. In the future, Rolling Razor products will be found at a store near you but for now, Rolling Razor’s award winning customer service is only available directly until we are confident that our retailers meet our standards for service as well.

For now, contact us directly with any questions or concerns and let us know how we can improve.